Dr. Poonam Botadra

• Worked as a physiotherapist with a team of five others , work involved treating clients with musculoskeletal conditions (eg low back pain, knee pain, shoulder arthritis, post Total Knee arthroplasty), clients post stroke for rehabilitation in the outpatient department.

• Inpatient department- ICU care, client with pulmonary and cardiovascular conditions pre and post surgery, clients post surgeries for cancer, post Abdominal surgeries.

• Assess the need for physical therapy intervention or referral to other health professionals.

• Effectively communicate and appropriately interact in verbal, nonverbal and written form with patients, clients, families, and other health care providers

• Planning and preparation to carry out individually designed programs of physical treatment to maintain, improve or restore physical function in Clients.

• Evaluation of effects of treatment at various stages and adjust treatments to achieve Optimal function and documentation of treatment at end of each session to monitor prognosis