The Skate Academy

The Skate Academy is Mumbai's only academy that has created the maximum number of International, National (India), State and District Level Champions. Our vision is to create world class academies all over India and the globe that truly believes in producing international level champions.

The academy not just focuses on making winners but also inculcating the spirit of healthy competition. The USP of TSA is that it imparts internationally recognised format of training along with safety, fun and team spirit. TSA is not just an academy, it's a family with a common goal of learning and achieving. TSA conducts regular skating classes at various locations in Mumbai. It is also affiliated with reputed Indian skating institutes in Pune and Delhi. TSA provides basic, advanced and focussed training in various disciplines of skating.




We are not a typical skating academy. In addition to the regular sessions, students also develop specific skills in small groups based on their abilities so that they can absorb the most out of every lesson. In addition, We also ensure that the student has fun during the training.


We are proud to say that our team comprises not only of the best of the coaches but also includes sports nutritionist and a sports counsellor. We are also associated with a panel of the best of the sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists and fitness instructors.


Well, we have really stopped counting as long back we lost the count of it. Oh, but we can proudly say that the number of medals won (combined) definitely crosses 1000.


What can be more important than the safety of your child. At TSA, we ensure that the student steps on the ground only after he has worn the skates properly, fitted the helmet correctly and has worn the necessary protective gear.

Beginners Training

So you have decided to start rolling. This is for enthusiasts and starters who want to explore the sport be it for fun or fitness. We start gently at one place where we talk a bit about theory and learn a few skating essentials before we start to roll. Then the fun really starts. A student needs to be around 4 years old to begin with the sport. Beginners generally start either with quad skates or the inline ones. We emphasise that the student learns at his own pace.

Intermediate Training

Once you are done with the basics, you are now on a skill building exercise. We work on progressions leading to skills related to gliding, striding, turning, braking, etc. We also encourage you to participate in local club competitions so as to expose you to the real world of skating. You are also ready to take part in skating rallies, street skating or any other skating events.

Advanced/Focussed Training

All set for championships, aren't you? You are now in one of the prime league of high level skating where the main focus is developing techniques, increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacities, learning competitive pressure handling and racing strategies, etc. More importantly you now start participating in high level competitions.